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Elliott House Care Home

Built on a strong and proud philosophy of care


Welcome To Elliott House Featured

Registered with CQC to provide 24 hour care of the elderly (over 65 years of age) and dementia care, with provision to offer residential placement to people under 65 with a formal diagnosis of dementia. Our purpose built building helps to create the atmosphere that is felt within. We are exceptionally proud of our welcoming family like atmosphere you can sense from the moment you step through the door. Whether you choose to socialise in one of the various lounges or spend time in the mature tended gardens or your own room you will be surrounded by the homely aspects which ensure Elliott House is as comfortable as it is enjoyable. With no restrictions on visiting, a dedicated team of care, activity and housekeeping staff will aim to make every day at Elliott house an enjoyable day, with a full programme of in-house activities, regular excursions and professional entertainers visiting to perform.

Our Philisophy of Care Service

Happy Home

To provide a happy, homely and stimulating environment to enable residents to achieve their full potential.


To provide sensitive, person centred care which acknowledges the difficulties and conflicts people feel when they are no longer able to continue to live in their own homes.


To promote independence, dignity, choice and privacy at all times.


To provide stable, structured management within the home to promote effective communication and development of the home and company.

Individual Rights

To ensure rights of the individual to be diverse and maintain their chosen life style and life choices are respected and if appropriate assisted to maintain.

Family Ethos

We have built a family like ethos, which aids the welcoming family like atmosphere you can sense from the moment you step through the door.

Download Our Brochure Today

If you would like to find out more about Elliott House please download our full information brochure.


Elliott House cares for people with varying needs. Prior to admission a representative from Elliott House will visit you or preferably, we will invite you to come and have a look around the home yourselves to see the services we offer. During the meeting with you we will ask you questions about your care needs to establish whether we will be able to meet them and what you want and expect from the services we offer.


We put great emphasis on providing our staff with quality training to ensure our residents receive optimum standards of care at all times. We are extremely proud of our staff and many of them have been with us for a number of years. Elliott House has fully qualified staff trained at NVQ level from 2 up to level 5. All senior care staff hold accredited training in the safe administration of medication.

What Can I Bring With Me?

Your bedroom is fully furnished, but if you wish to bring in any furniture of your own, please discuss this with the manager prior to admission. Personal items such as paintings, photographs and ornaments may be brought in to make your room feel homely. All items must display relevant British Standard Fire Retardant symbol. Please download our brochure for further information.


Situated in the stunning county of Kent, Elliott House boosts a purpose built facility that provides are guests and enjoyable and relaxing place to stay. Our purpose built facility creates a friendly and family atmosphere throughout, which is heightened by ours staffs friendliness and professionalism. We provide all the support for you and your family and fully encourage and support family visits.


Before your admission to Elliott House a member of our Assessment Team will visit you in your own home, hospital, or in another home, and undertake a comprehensive assessment of your care needs. The carer will assess your personal and social needs as well as your caring needs and will encourage your involvement in the procedure if possible. Your relatives can be involved if you wish and the carer will seek input from your social worker or hospital staff if relevant. Our carer will only arrange your admission if they are certain that Elliott House can meet your care needs.

If you have capital which totals less than £23,250 you are eligible for Local Authority financial support. This means that, if you meet the Local Authority’s criteria for residential care, their finance department will pay a contribution towards the cost of your care at Elliott House. The rest of the fee will be paid by you from the benefits you receive from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), formerly known as the Department of Social Security (DSS). You will still receive a personal allowance from the DWP to spend how you wish. If your capital totals in excess of £23,250 you are not eligible to receive financial support from the Local Authority and your care will be ‘self funded’. This means that, until your capital level drops to £23,250, you will pay for your own care from your own funds.

We do not like to consider the possibility of being incapable of managing our affairs; still less actually making plans for such an eventuality. Yet putting an Enduring Power of Attorney in place before an emergency arises will save heartache, money and assure peace of mind for all. It is important that an Enduring Power of Attorney specific to your needs be arranged, again with an eye on long term care. An Enduring Power of Attorney will enable a relative or close friend to act on your behalf in the event that you lose the ability to carry out essential functions, whether through mental or extreme physical disability. This can range from writing cheques to selling properties. You can have more than one Attorney, either acting together or independently. An Enduring Power of Attorney should not be confused with a Power of Attorney, which will cease at the onset of mental disability

When considering long term care, individuals and their families often ask us if it is possible to gift or transfer assets before care is needed, in order to avoid having to use these assets in meeting care costs. The legal position is that Social Services Departments have the right to make detailed enquiries into the background of any individual applying to them for financial support. If they discover that assets have been gifted or transferred for the purpose of claiming benefits this may have serious implications. You should be aware that the right of Local Authorities to investigate your gifting of assets is not restricted by time; they can investigate as far back as they deem necessary to ensure that you have not deprived yourself of assets. Consequently individuals who effect such transfers can have absolutely NO GUARANTEE that they will avoid care costs in this way. “Think carefully before giving away your assets”. Indeed as the financial constraints on Local Authorities become greater in the face of an ever increasing demand,

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